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How many treatment week? Do they still need to be consulted by Yong Kang before they start the service?

Twice a week, depend on health conditions. Yes. When a client signs up a package, a consultation will be included. The physician will visit the client at her house for consultation as the first treatment. However, if the client do not want to sign up the package, they request only for the consultation, it would be $45/ visit.

Is there any things we need to know before / after acupuncture? / Tuina service?

We recommend not to over eat/ starve yourself before treatment

Does the herbs will affect breastfeeding?

No it will not

How soon after birth can I receive a treatment?

For Natural birth mummies, you can start the tuina/acupuncture services 5days after birth. While CSec birth mummies can start both the services on 7days later. We understand that the stomach area might not be able to receive tuina immediately after giving birth, so our Tuina therapist will start the treatment from limps to reduce the fluid retentions and also focus on limps acupoints to treat the mummy body. CSec birth mummies will only starts the stomach area tuina after 4 weeks later.

What does Postpartum Massage consist of?

Yong Kang TCM uses massage therapy specifically tailored for the new mother, taking into account any individual concerns or requirements. Postpartum massage is a combination of TCM TuiNa technique.

Does the two services suitable for both Natural and Csec birth mummies?

Yes. Our services are suitable for both Natural and Csec birth mummies.

Is there any days and timings restriction for house-call service?

Yes. The house-call service is only available on weekdays only from 10.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Are the prices inclusive of house-call services?

Yes. All the prices inclusive of house call chargers.

Mummies who received the services with Yong Kang, do they still need to do the traditional jamu massage?

The main function of acupuncture + tuina is to help the mother recover faster from giving birth. It is optional for mummies to having Jamu massage. However, our physician advice to receive the Jamu massage 4 weeks after giving birth.

Do these services help in shrinking womb after birth?

Yes. We call it as "子宮復舊". It means that after treatment it will be recovered as before giving birth.


I need to cancel my appointment/package. How can I get a refund?

No refund will be made with respect to every treatments completion included products are not utilised by the customer, either in part or full, or where the customer amends. Upon cancellation, the Company will refund the deposit paid according to charges stipulated on section below:

  1. Administration Fee: $300
  2. Postpartum Acupuncture: $128/Treatment
  3. Postpartum Tuina: $158/Treatment
  4. Out Call Fee: $50/Treatment
All refunds will be paid to you within two (4) weeks to (2) months

What is the cancellation fees and rescheduling fees like?

Cancellation fees: More then 48 hours cancellation before your meeting time - There is no cancelling fees. Less then 48 hours cancellation before your meeting time - Session(s)/Hour(s)/Credit(s) per occurrence will be dedcuted. Resceduling fees: More then 48 hours reschedulation before your meeting time - There is no rescheduling fees. Less than 48 hours reschedulation notice - You will be charged $30 rescheduling fee per occurrence. Final adjusted balance will be due at the time of your rescheduled appointment.

Can I extend my treatment?

Yes. The minimum time extensions 30 minutes. Where the need/desire arises for therapists/physicians to continue beyond the booked time, and the therapists/physicians are available to do so, they will do so provided authorization has been granted.

What if I forget my appointment accidently?

This will be consider "No- Show" appoinment. A “No-Show” is someone who misses a scheduled appointment without canceling or rescheduling 48 hours in advance of their scheduled appointment.

  1. “No-Shows” will be charged 100% of the session amount. Session amount is different than the price listed on our booking page.
  2. If a client accumulates 3 “No-Shows”, he or she may be black listed and the remaining package will be forfeited.

What if I accidentally late for my appointment?

If you arrive 10 minutes late or more, your appointment time will be reduced by the amount of time you were late to accommodate the next client’s scheduled appointment. Our staffs have the right to leave after the booking hour of appointment.

How do I cancel/reschedule my appointment?

To cancel or reschedule appointments, there are several options:

  1. Please leave a detailed message and a contact number if canceling or rescheduling with less than 48 hours notice.
  2. Please refer to your confirmation or reminder email.
  3. These emails contain an option to Cancel/Reschedule that will take you directly to our appointment calendar for cancellation or rescheduling of your existing appointment.
If it's less than 48 hours before your appointment, canceling or rescheduling options will not be available, and this is subject to the cancellation/rescheduling policy.

I am concern about the hygiene and safety.

Our company has implement "Low Towels Rules". We reduce usage of towels, however to home service we will be using customer's towels. Besides, we also use 1. Non woven disposible bed sheets. 2. All products are non sharable. 3. All TCM tools are disinfected with alcohol before use. 4. All acupunture needles are disposible. 5. Hand sanitizer, before and after every treatment.

How can I get the Early Bird Dicsount?

For Early Bird Discount, please book at least 30 days before your estimated date of delivery (EDD).

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